How to Try a Cronut – Dominque Ansel Bakery London

I had a feeling that Dominique Ansel Bakery was going to be my favourite place to satisfy my sugar cravings years before I even went. The Cronut became an instagram sensation after Dominique Ansel merged the Croissant and Donut into one sweet entity in 2013.

January Cronut 2020 – toasted coconut and chocolate

After years of stalking his personal instagram and dying to go the Soho Bakery in New York, I realised a DA bakery had landed in London. As soon as I moved to London for University, my mission became getting my hands on a Cronut. I know, priorities.

The Belgravia bakery is just around the corner from another London Hotspot Peggy Porschen, famous for its pink dreamy decor and whimsical cakes.

After trying the Cronut , I figured I could finally cross it off my bucket-list. It felt like fate that my first visit the Cronut was coconut and chocolate flavoured, as I am obsessed with Coconut.

I was naive. Each month, at each location, there is a new cronut flavour for the month. So you’re guaranteed to find something new every time you visit. In addition to the Cronut, you can also find cookie shots and instagram worthy lattes.

What I love most about Dominique Ansel is that a simple visit to a bakery feels like an experience every time you go. For Valentines Day, the whole pastry case had a pink makeover – twinning with Peggy Porschen. As a single girl, I had to convince (easily done) a friend to join me for a cake date.

I opted for their Mini-Me, a chocolate mousse cake, topped with mini meringues – which fortunately is a permanent menu feature. Meanwhile, my friend got the full sized meringue sandwich, complete with fresh raspberries.

Most cake items on their menu are around £7.50, so a bit more on the pricey side of baked goods. In their defence, patisserie desserts are far more detailed and technical than your standard cookie. It’s worth mentioning, the Cronut is slightly more budget friendly at £5 for takeaway. If you’re only going to try one thing, it has to be the Cronut of the month!

I’m hoping to make it back this Summer to try their famous frozen smores. More to put my curiosity to rest than anything else.

Before the end of the year I am also hoping to dine at the fairly new Dominique Ansel Treehouse restaurant, once it reopens, situated in Covent Garden. If reading the intriguing menu does not have you convinced, the immersive woodland decor should be enough reason. If like me, you have unfulfilled childhood treehouse dreams it seems like the perfect place to satisfy that.

Dominique Ansel Treehouse, Covent Garden at night

A large part of my obsession with this specific bakery must be attributed to the man behind it all, Dominique Ansel himself. His passion for food shines through on his instagram and it’s evident he prioritises the customer experience. On valentines day at the Soho store, staff handed out roses to customers queuing. The service seems unparalleled. On my first visit, I went alone and the cashier was more than happy to chat about their recommendations with me. (Though I already had my eyes on that Cronut).

If you’re not London based, don’t panic, you may still be within reach of a Dominique Ansel location. Currently there are shops in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Still too far? Maybe have a crack at baking something yourself from either the free recipes on his instagram stories or his new book Everyone Can Bake. Let me Know what you would like to try most in the comments!

(Not sponsored, genuinely just obsessed.)

EDITED: I am sad to say, it has since been announced that Dominique Ansel Bakery London will close after August 31st 2020. I hope anyone who hasn’t yet visited gets the chance to this month before their doors close.

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