Which Podcast Should You Be Listening To?

Whether you already listen to podcasts and are just seeking new recommendations or you are curious about where to start, this list is just for you. I have divided my multitude of personalities into categories you may relate to, to suggest a podcast ideal for you.

The Athlete

For anyone interested in health and fitness, I recommend listening to Trained by Nike. Presented by Trainer and Senior Director of Performance, Ryan Flaherty, each episode features an interview with either a professional athlete or an expert, to share advice for every imaginable aspect of fitness. It covers topics that are sometimes ignored, yet are essential to living a healthy lifestyle such as the importance of recovery, including sleep and treating your muscles after exercise. Additionally, in most episodes experts share research related to health and fitness so I always feel as though I am being educated and entertained simultaneously. My favourite episode is either the one featuring Creed Actor Michael B Jordan, or the two part episode titled ‘How to Make Your Goals Stick’.

I’d honestly recommend Trained to anyone who exercises as over its 6 seasons it is bound to have covered something that interests you, whether you do Yoga or CrossFit. If you are looking for a podcast to listen to in the gym or on a run, Trained helps me to refocus on my goals and allows me to learn as I train.

The Hopeless Romantic

Dolly Alderton is the author of one of my favourite memoirs ‘Everything I Know About Love’, so once I discovered her Podcast on the same topic I was elated. Love Stories ran alongside the Publication of the her debut book (mentioned above) so is perfect for binge listening after you finish reading. Alderton uses her journalism skills to learn about the relationships and heartbreaks that define her guests’ lives. As someone who loves a romance, happy endings or not, both fascinate me, Love Stories is the perfect listen. Notable guests include musician Lily Allen and author Matt Haig.

It’s worth mentioning, Alderton also has an ongoing podcast titled The High Low, which she Co-Hosts with fellow writer and friend Pandora Sykes. In which, they informally discuss current events and culture – seemingly no topic is off limits. An episode which caught my eye is titled ‘The Madness of 2020 Can Be Summed Up in Lynx Africa’s Marmite Edition’.

The Commuter

If you’re commuting and have been unable to secure a seat to get some work done, it can feel like you’re wasting a sizeable chunk of your day. I recommend listening to TED Talks Daily on your commute, because the talks differ in size so you can select one perfect for a 10 minute journey or even a 50 minute journey. Every talk is so different from the last so you can scroll through and look for a title that interest you or randomly select one and learn about something you probably would have never thought about before. Over the past few months many Speakers have offered their perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic, so if you’re not sick of hearing about it yet you could listen to Bill Gates talk on How the pandemic will shape the near future. Stop being a bystander in your own life by Tracy Edwards is a talk on my Spotify queue that I am waiting for a train journey or long car ride to listen to.

The Self-Helpers

Elizabeth Day is another author I recently fell in love with. Her memoir How To Fail doubles as a self-help book and offers an optimistic perspective of why failure is necessary for both growth and success. It begins with a quote by Truman Capote that goes “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour”. Sharing the same name, her podcast delves further into the lesser known benefits of failure and appropriately claims to “celebrate the things that haven’t gone right.”

It is the best podcast to wind down to after a stressful day full of failure. Listening to the stories of mistakes each guest has made, who are all super impressive, reassures the listener that things go wrong but life goes on. The 3rd guest on the show was actually none other than Dolly Alderton (mentioned under The Hopeless Romantic).

The Homebody

For my homebody friends, a lovely podcast for when you are just doing odd jobs around the house, or cooking or painting, is We Bought A House. YouTuber and Influencer Claudia Sulewski and her musician boyfriend Finneas started this podcast after buying a house and moving in together.

We Bought a House is a laid-back conversation about the couple’s life together and their highlights and lowlights of each week. When listening, I almost feel like a third roommate as I feel like I know the going ons perfectly by this point. Humorously, the first episode is titled We bought a house and now we can’t leave it since it was uploaded at the start of Lockdown in America. If you’re looking for a laugh and easy to follow chat, this podcast is ideal for you.

The Daydreamer

I call this category the daydreamer because it’s for people who think a lot and those who aren’t always one hundred percent in touch with reality. For daydreamers I have offered a bonus podcast because I couldn’t decide between the two. Let’s Talk About Myths Baby is a selection of the highlights of Roman and Greek mythology. I have always been fascinated by stories of Gods and Goddesses and regretted not studying classics at college, so from time to time I love listening to this podcast to learn about the iconic figures in mythology.

If you want something slightly more serious, Philosophize This! is an educational podcast “dedicated to sharing the ideas that shaped our world”. The episodes are in chronological order of the earliest ideas to the most recent so you can start all the way at episode 1 to become somewhat of an expert in philosophy or just choose the era that interests you the most and start there. I started at episode 009, The Buddha, because Buddhism is associated a lot with positive thinking and I was curious to learn more philosophy related to the religion.

I enjoy all of these podcasts for different occasions so don’t take the categories too seriously. Which podcast are you most likely to try out?

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored but some links may be affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you decide to shop through them.

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