Luna + Pearl Jewellery: A Conversation About Sustainability and Shopping Small

Luna + Pearl is a handmade jewellery company based in London that embodies what it means to be a small business. I was delighted to get the chance to interview Luna, the talented girl behind the brand. I asked Luna to describe Luna + Pearl in three words and although she pointed out that is for the customer to decide, she hopes that L+P is natural, distinctive and graceful.

About the Brand

Although Luna has been making jewellery for herself and as gifts for years, she only begun selling it this year. Knowing that she wanted her brand to be a celebration of nature and to promote protecting it, she opted for using pearls. “A pearl is the most natural gemstone there, it requires no human intervention through cutting, rubbing or polishing”, she informed me. Because she wants to preserve the natural beauty of the pearls, she aims to put the main focus on the pearl itself when designing her pieces. It is important to her to emphasise the fact that each pearl is a unique, intricate and impressive work of nature and her jewellery highlights that rather than deters from it. When browsing her Etsy store, I loved the simplicity and minimalism of her pieces as they really do compliment the understated beauty of a pearl. Though Luna + Pearl is London based, she does ship internationally, so be sure to check her store out.

Being a Small Business

At the moment, Luna + Pearl is not Luna’s full time job and she runs the company alone. When I asked her if it was difficult balancing running a small business with her other commitments, Luna emphasised that although it can get busy, she loves making jewellery so it is always a pleasure. As it’s her first experience running a business, she has an open mind to advice and ideas but I have to say she’s doing an impressive job of managing L+P alone and part-time, to the standard she is.

I was curious to know what she thinks is the biggest challenge faced by small businesses at the moment and she said it probably differs by brand but for her it is spreading the word about her brand. I can relate to struggling to gain attention to your new enterprise , but I love how Luna utilises her instagram to showcase her pieces and interact with potential customers. Her feed is like a summer mood-board, filled with shells, sea and of course pearls. It makes me want to put on my pair of Luna + Pearl earrings and float on my back in the ocean all day.

Luna herself is a big supporter of shopping small and thinks in the future more people will follow suit. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, she shares “it has shown us how much we needs and enjoy each other’s company”. Because of this, she believes small brands that connect with their customers and offer a more personal experience will do well in the future. I asked if she would consider stocking Luna + Pearl in stores in the future and at the moment it’s not on the cards but she may be open to the idea further on. Luna wants to continue to sell online and at markets because she enjoys the intimacy of directly selling to the person who will wear her jewellery, which she would miss if L+P was stocked in other people’s stores.


What drew me to Luna + Pearl most, was not just the how luxurious the pieces looked but the commitment to sustainability. I wanted to know why it is important for Luna to be as sustainable as possible. Luna believes we have a duty to protect our Earth, as well as the people inhabiting it. She adds that she is convinced that living a more sustainable lifestyle will also make you happier. I thought it was especially important to highlight how she says there is so many small and easy ways to live more sustainably and that it is not a sacrifice, so much as a pleasure.

“For me, celebrating nature and its beauty goes hand in hand with protecting it. I do that through making my brand as sustainable as possible. I also donate 5% of all profits to ocean conservation organisations. “

Luna + pEARL

All of Luna’s materials are sourced from local suppliers, including antique pearls and recycled silver. She is particularly excited to share that she has just recently started a recycled silver line. Additionally, all of her packaging is recycled, recyclable and some of it is even compostable. I always appreciate a company that goes that extra mile to ensure their packaging is also eco-friendly. Even her choice of using Etsy to sell through was a conscious decision based on their carbon offsetting policies. This was a new discovery for me and I was fascinated to learn that to compensate for carbon emission from Etsy shipping they invest in projects to reduce carbon emissions of the same amount.

If the jewellery alone was not enough of a reason to support Luna and her small business, I hope this interview convinced you to check Luna + Pearl out!


Luna’s Etsy

Luna’s Instagram

My Instagram

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