How To Start Writing a Book

Around four months ago, I wrote a post called How Not To Write a Book. This came after years of trying and failing to get started writing. Since then, I have made a solid start on a contemporary novel. I still have a long way to go but I have most of it planned out now and have been making good progress. Here are some tips I have learnt during the process on how to get started on writing a book. These tips will be useful no matter what genre you hope to write and will hopefully get you going too.

What Is ‘The Flinch’ and Why You Should Care

I stumbled across an extract from Julien Smith’s ‘The Flinch’ on social media and that paragraph alone floored me. In plain terms, ‘the flinch’ is an instinct that makes us behave the way we do and in order to lead better lives we need to master this instinct. In this post I will be summing up what I found most eye-opening from the book but I encourage you to read the entirety of it yourself too. If you’re not big on reading, don’t worry it’s only 38 pages and is available for free here.

Luna + Pearl Jewellery: A Conversation About Sustainability and Shopping Small

Luna + Pearl is a handmade jewellery company based in London that embodies what it means to be a small business. I was delighted to get the chance to interview Luna, the talented girl behind the brand. I asked Luna to describe Luna + Pearl in three words and although she pointed out that is for the customer to decide, she hopes that L+P is natural, distinctive and graceful.

Zero Waste Swaps that Require Zero Effort

The last person you would expect to educate you on sustainability is Zac Efron. Yet I was pleasantly surprised by his new Netflix show ‘Down To Earth With Zac Efron’, hosted by the man himself and Superfoods Expert Darin Olien. As I was watching the London episode, where they are litter picking by the Thames, the idea for a zero waste swaps article came to me. In this post I will be suggesting the easiest swaps for things you use everyday, that will help you reduce your waste. I will link everything on Amazon as it is super accessible but urge you to shop local where possible.

A Simple Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I mentioned Coconut Bowls, as a sustainable brand that I love supporting, in my post How To Save The Planet by Shopping. Before I even purchased my coconut bowl, I loved stalking their instagram page for smoothie bowl recipes. A smoothie bowl is a classic smoothie with a thicker consistency, making it ideal to eat with a spoon. This recipe is my go to, because it only requires 4 ingredients and I usually already have them laying around.