Luna + Pearl Jewellery: A Conversation About Sustainability and Shopping Small

Luna + Pearl is a handmade jewellery company based in London that embodies what it means to be a small business. I was delighted to get the chance to interview Luna, the talented girl behind the brand. I asked Luna to describe Luna + Pearl in three words and although she pointed out that is for the customer to decide, she hopes that L+P is natural, distinctive and graceful.

How To Live With Intent

I associate intention with minimalism. Minimalism is all about only surrounding yourself with what you value and need most. I am aiming to be more intentional in my choices and only choosing what I value and need the most. Living intentionally has helped me remove the unnecessary stress that comes with spending money on things you don’t particularly want or need and being surrounded by people or things that don’t improve your life.

Is It Worth Studying Law?

Law continues to be an increasingly popular course to study at university but this excess of law courses, paired with a decrease in Training Contracts and Pupillages, leaves a career in the legal profession an expensive risk to take. With over 200,000 lawyers already practicing in the UK, as well as graduates from the past decade still seeking training contracts, it often feels as though there is too much competition and no room for new lawyers. As a Law student, this can be demotivating to hear and may make you wonder if it is even worth studying Law.

The App That Fights Food Waste (Too Good To Go)

Too Good To Go acknowledges that food waste is an issue that can be easily avoided and reduced. The app offers ‘magic bags’ for restaurants or cafes in your local area. You pay a discounted price for a selection of food that would otherwise be thrown out that day. Then you go to the store during an allotted time to collect your ‘magic bag’. So the store makes money off food they would otherwise throw out, you get cheaper food or groceries and the food waste is reduced. Sounds like everybody is a winner, no?

Zero Waste Swaps that Require Zero Effort

The last person you would expect to educate you on sustainability is Zac Efron. Yet I was pleasantly surprised by his new Netflix show ‘Down To Earth With Zac Efron’, hosted by the man himself and Superfoods Expert Darin Olien. As I was watching the London episode, where they are litter picking by the Thames, the idea for a zero waste swaps article came to me. In this post I will be suggesting the easiest swaps for things you use everyday, that will help you reduce your waste. I will link everything on Amazon as it is super accessible but urge you to shop local where possible.

A Simple Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I mentioned Coconut Bowls, as a sustainable brand that I love supporting, in my post How To Save The Planet by Shopping. Before I even purchased my coconut bowl, I loved stalking their instagram page for smoothie bowl recipes. A smoothie bowl is a classic smoothie with a thicker consistency, making it ideal to eat with a spoon. This recipe is my go to, because it only requires 4 ingredients and I usually already have them laying around.