Brunch In London: Where The Pancakes Are

Where The Pancakes Are is where you want to be. Not only do they deliver the most aesthetically pleasing stacks & drinks, but it all tastes like a dream too.

The App That Fights Food Waste (Too Good To Go)

Too Good To Go acknowledges that food waste is an issue that can be easily avoided and reduced. The app offers ‘magic bags’ for restaurants or cafes in your local area. You pay a discounted price for a selection of food that would otherwise be thrown out that day. Then you go to the store during an allotted time to collect your ‘magic bag’. So the store makes money off food they would otherwise throw out, you get cheaper food or groceries and the food waste is reduced. Sounds like everybody is a winner, no?

A Simple Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I mentioned Coconut Bowls, as a sustainable brand that I love supporting, in my post How To Save The Planet by Shopping. Before I even purchased my coconut bowl, I loved stalking their instagram page for smoothie bowl recipes. A smoothie bowl is a classic smoothie with a thicker consistency, making it ideal to eat with a spoon. This recipe is my go to, because it only requires 4 ingredients and I usually already have them laying around.