How To Maximise Digestion (Intermittent Fasting & Food Combining)

You can usually tell when your digestive system isn’t in top form, because you experience bloating, discomfort and the symptoms of IBS. There are a number of ways to improve your digestion and I am going to cover the commonly known ones, such as assessing your diet and the lesser known methods like Food Combining.

Fitness Apps That Make Me Want To Workout

Exercise is something we should all be doing, because it is good for our bodies and equally good for our minds. Unfortunately, knowing this is sometimes still not enough to make me want to do it. I can be real lazy at times and I need that extra push to motivate me to workout. All of these apps in both the past and present have made me excited to work out and have helped me go from someone who hates running to someone who looks forward to the next one.