How To Start Writing a Book

Around four months ago, I wrote a post called How Not To Write a Book. This came after years of trying and failing to get started writing. Since then, I have made a solid start on a contemporary novel. I still have a long way to go but I have most of it planned out now and have been making good progress. Here are some tips I have learnt during the process on how to get started on writing a book. These tips will be useful no matter what genre you hope to write and will hopefully get you going too.

How To Care For Curly Hair

Your hair may be curly without you even realising. It sounds impossible but for me and a lot of other girls, we grew up believing our hair was just frizzy and difficult. If anyone has ever told you to just brush your hair and you know that it looks the way it does, because you brushed it – chances are you have curly hair too.
For some reason, people are protective over curly hair. They will say your hair is wavy and not curly, when in reality there are many different types of curls. If you aren’t sure if your hair is curly or not, try using these tips to see if your hair becomes more manageable. And if you know your hair is curly but still struggle with bad hair days, see if there’s any curly hair advice you have yet to try.

How To Attract The Life You Want

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation sound like far-fetched ideas. Many people would be surprised to learn that some of their idols attribute their success to The Law of Attraction. For example UFC fighter Connor McGregor has claimed the Law of Attraction is “the most powerful thing in the world’ and has described how he has visualised every achievement in his career before it happened. So what is the Law of Attraction and how can you start putting it into practice?

How To Create an Everyday Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare, I am a minimalist. My skincare wish list may be excessive but I believe 4-5 products is a sufficient amount to use on a daily basis. Up until discovering Hyram on Youtube at the start of the year, I was clueless about skincare. From his videos and my own research, I feel confident enough to give you the run down on the basic formula to create your own custom skincare routine.