5 Reasons To Support Small Businesses

This afternoon I received a package I ordered a few days ago. I had stumbled across the company on instagram and realised they were selling a product I was about to buy off Amazon. Amazon is convenient and mostly reliable but the product was the same price from both places, so I opted for the small business. Here’s why I am glad I did!

Zero Waste Swaps that Require Zero Effort

The last person you would expect to educate you on sustainability is Zac Efron. Yet I was pleasantly surprised by his new Netflix show ‘Down To Earth With Zac Efron’, hosted by the man himself and Superfoods Expert Darin Olien. As I was watching the London episode, where they are litter picking by the Thames, the idea for a zero waste swaps article came to me. In this post I will be suggesting the easiest swaps for things you use everyday, that will help you reduce your waste. I will link everything on Amazon as it is super accessible but urge you to shop local where possible.